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Manufacturing of olive oil

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The main conditions of production and packaging of olive oil produced by G.I.E " Femmes du Rif " are as follows : • Olive picking operations and olive oil production and packaging are carried out in the geographical area ; • Olives intended for the extraction of olive oil with the label GPI "Extra Virgin Olive Oil Of Ouezzane" are exclusively of the variety "Moroccan Picholine". • Tillage is done at least twice a year: in winter and in spring. • Fruiting pluming is practiced once a year. • Fertilization consists of manure with a contribution of 20 to 40 kg per tree, depending on the age of the trees; • Annual rainfall is sufficient for irrigation of the groves; • Preventive insect and disease control avoids collective treatments; • The harvesting operation is based on the olive maturation index recommended by the International Olive Oil Council. It starts as soon as this index is between 3 and 3.5. • Farmers harvest olives using methods that preserve the integrity of the olives. They are also required to use nets or tarpaulins to prevent contact of olives with the soil; • The olives are immediately transported in plastic crates, from the orchard to the crushing unit, where they are sorted, stripped and washed; • The period between harvest and crushing does not exceed 24 hours. • The grinding is done using a hammer mill. Grid and hammers are made of stainless steel. • The kneading is carried out for 45 to 60 minutes, at temperatures within the dough not exceeding 27 ° C. • The extraction of olive oil is carried out using a continuous biphasic system. • The olive oil is stored in stainless steel containers with regular purges. • The packaging of olive oil is made in food grade packaging.
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