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The olive groves of G.I.E " Femmes du Rif " are conducted in "organic" mode on 400ha - 40000 trees. The treatment is limited to the pluming of the trees. The crops are not irrigated because the annual rainfall in the area is sufficient to cover the water requirements of the trees. The average production of G.I.E " Femmes du Rif " is 800 tons of olives, which gives 40 tons of olive oil. As for the storage capacity, it is around 40 tons of olive oil. With regard to the crushing capacity, the GIE has a biphasic unit of 10 tons / day, which is operated at a full capacity. The variety « Moroccan Picholine », the altitude of the growing groves, and the mode of extraction of the oil, by a biphasic system (ecological system), makes it possible to obtain a flavored oil, rich in polyphenols .
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