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The crushing unit is equipped with storage and packaging equipment (stainless steel tanks, filling machine, crimper, labeling machine, glass bottles and plastic cans) and acidity analysis equipment. In order to describe extra virgin olive oil, representing the only finished product manufactured within the unit, we can cite the following elements : • Composition of olive oil : o 99% fat composed of triglycerides ; o 1% of minor compounds ; including (in order of importance): o Squalene ; o Triterpenic alcohols ; o Sterols ; o Phenols ; o Tocopherol derivatives. o Etc… • Physico-chemical analyzes : o The free acidity in (% m / m as oleic acid) is less than or equal to 0.8 ; o The peroxide index in (mEq O / kg) is less than or equal to 10 ; o The median of the major defect is 0 (absence of defects) ; o The median of the fruitiness is greater than 0. • Organoleptic characteristics : o Smell : irreproachable o Taste : fruity, bitter, spicy o Color : clear yellow to green o Appearance at 20 ° C for 24 hours : limpid • Conditioning : o Glass bottles o Plastic bottles • Conditions of storage and shelf life : o Once the bottle of olive oil has been opened, it must be consumed, as quickly as possible and closed after each use, to preserve its quality. o Protected from air and light, in opaque packaging; o In a cool place, at a temperature between 15º and 25ºC. o Shelf life : 2 years. • Destination : National and international markets
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