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2001: Start of the project " Development of Women Entrepreneurship ", Funding : Spanish Agency for International Cooperation, executed by UNIDO. 2003 : Creation of a federation of associations and women's cooperatives producing olive oil FEDOLIVE. 2003 : Date of first registration at EACCE 2003 : Registration of the « Farida » brand. 2005 : Application of the traceability system for olives and olive oil production. 2005 : Development of a guide of good manufacturing, production and hygiene practices, manual of procedures, data sheets ... 2006 : Creation of GIE and convention of property and capital of FEDOLIVE for GIE 2006 : Obtaining Organic Certification for Olive Oil 2007 : Obtaining the 3rd rank during the competition for the best quality of olive oil at the national level 2007 : Obtaining the FAO Merit Award on the occasion of the celebration of World Food Day in Bouznika. 2013 : Third certification award in Switzerland. 2013 : Obtaining the PGI Protected Geographical Indication " Extra Virgin Olive Oil Of Ouezzane " 2018 : Implementation of the Protected Geographical Indication PGI " Extra Virgin Olive Oil Of Ouezzane "
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